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Commercial Cleaning

Vaughn’s Cleaning Services strives to provide top notch commercial cleaning that is reliable, affordable, efficient and safer for clients and VCS employees alike. We promise to give each client a service they are proud of and we guarantee your satisfaction! With no long term contracts and a guarantee that VCS puts our name behind, what do you have to lose?

We clean for health

When Vaughn’s Cleaning Services thinks of commercial cleaning we think “family”. You and your employee’s families count on them being healthy. VCS feels the same about our employees and their families. That is why we strive to use products and equipment that keeps the air and surfaces as clean as possible. Our 4 filtration hepa filtered vacuums capture 79% more dust particles than other vacuum models, which literally makes the air cleaner. Our microfiber rags and mop heads effectively remove 99.4% of bacteria from smooth surfaces with just tap water alone. These paired with environmentally safer cleaners insure cleanliness without the side effects of harsh smells and odors.

Every employee is hired, trained & given the right tools

Every employee is hired, trained and given the right tools to clean to the best of their ability. Every employee is background checked and bonded to insure peace of mind when in client’s buildings. Every employee is put through multiple levels of training before being put into the field. VCS uses industry leading equipment and cleaners and continue to improve on our training techniques and procedures to insure the highest level of customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to continued education of advancements in products, services and techniques so we can grow more knowledgeable for our client’s benefit.