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About Us

One major concern we find when client’s contact us to improve their cleaning services is lack of communication. We at Vaughn’s Cleaning Services believe communication and customer service are just as important as the cleanings themselves. Systems such as personalized job cards, communication logs, constant contact emails and scheduled inspections are what separate us from other commercial cleaning services. From our scheduled inspections to our cleaning equipment and chemicals, we strive to clean for health, not just for looks.

Employees, not Subcontractors!!

Knowing if the person(s) cleaning your facility are actually employed by the business you hired is important! Don’t be fooled by commercial cleaning companies and franchises that subcontract the labor after receiving a contract. These subcontracted workers are usually not trained, don’t have efficient cleaning tools and are more than likely paid much less than they should be. As if above is not enough, they probably are not in constant contact with the company owner YOU hired to clean your building. VCS never uses subcontract cleaners. All VCS employees are hired, trained and given the industry leading equipment and techniques to insure quality, reliability and top notch service.

Mission Statement

The mission of Vaughn’s Cleaning Services is to deliver consistency, honesty and dependability. We expect the highest level of client satisfaction and strive to establish relationships that will continue to grow through the years.